Thursday bye bye Sunflowers

My last day at the lodge…….

I got up early to say goodbye to Maren as she was catching an early bus and to James (best male roomie ever) who was off to work, Tom and Conor also off to work and most importantly to finish my book and then have breakfast with Ana and Conal as they didn’t make it to the BBQ last night.

Am very sad to say goodbye to them both, such lovely people, love that someone thought Ana was my mum – must mean I’m as pretty as she is and Conal and the radio have kept me company in long afternoons folding the laundy. We’re borrowing Tom’s cafe plans so they can set it up and I can then come back on a work visa to work there!

It’s been such a treat to have all my stuff unpacked for so long, and it was a slow process to get it all packed away again. Not helped with chatting to George, Sophie and tent Tom!

I had a unnecessarily massive lunch of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and cheese sandwich and then Alan appeared with left over pavolva! But it did mean operation ‘finish all the food’ was pretty much a success!

Finally it was time to go, George had said he’d give me a lift, so while he got ready, I went to say goodbye to Conal, Rachel and finally Alan who was working at the top of drive – I had a tiny cry saying goodbye to that lovely man.

George was still faffing when Rachel appeared to go collect some people from town so she took me instead!

Fascinating fact, but I used the same shower every day I stayed at the lodge, no idea why!

I had 30mins to sit in the sun before the Naked Bus arrived. This trip back I was far more aware of where we were travelling through, 3 weeks beforehand I’d had no idea where I was!

We eventually arrived in Auckland at 9.30pm (somewhat later than expected) and it took me a while to find The Attic Backpackers where I was staying – its on one of the longest streets! Thankfully it was worth the hunt, I checked in and got 3hr free WiFi! (Although I wasn’t even awake that long there to use it all).

I was meant to be meeting Tori in the evening but thankfully we rescheduled for lunch at the zoo, all I did after checking in was go buy a tonic water (no idea, it’s what I wanted!) and head to bed.


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