Vague memories of 23-29th November

So, here are my notes in bold and what I can remember from them……

Monday – lie in landed 11pm, home 1am

Had texted to say I wouldn’t be at training (at 6am) was a bit too little sleep for my liking!


There would have been rowing, but no idea what it involved….. but I remember it being hard – my legs had not recovered from the weekend

More excitingly though – I got my Resident Visa granted – I can stay in NZ for another 2 years!!!


You can tell I’d been training – check out the cheeks


Another mystery day in terms of rowing, but I do know I popped into work for an 8am meeting before heading off to my Software Testing course – not something I ever thought I’d be involved in, my ‘techy’ computer knowledge is terrible, or so I thought….. turns out it’s quite easy really!!

Amazing food – check out our afternoon tea



Another no clue about rowing day, but there was more testing

friday christmas party

Last day of my course! 33/40 in our mock exam

Then the Rowing Club Christmas party – was great fun, lots of drinking and dancing. There was some cartwheeling which wasn’t without incident, but I wasn’t involved in that!!!

I don’t have any photos of the party (there must be some somewhere??) but I’m sure she won’t me sharing her involvement in the pre-party decorating


sat rest day

Thank goodness for a random rest day! I think it’s fair to say not many of the Novice girls achieved all that much today.

sun 2x water sweep and skull

We were right back at it today though – 2 sessions out on the water – one lot of sweeping and another skulling – beautiful day, some comparison of random bruises and piecing of the night together



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