Wednesday – a date with a lifeguard

Up early and treated myself to a fried egg sarnie (operation ‘finish food before leaving’ has commenced)

Worked the morning and then sat and read my book until lunch (from the library, so can’t take it with me!). Lunch was a bacon sarnie with the last of the cheese, but I did share it with Marvey…..

Once George was finally up we headed out to Pack and Save to get stuff for tonight’s BBQ then I walked to the library with George to kill time before heading out along the Coastal Walkway to meet Tom at East End beach for my requested photo with a lifeguard! He and a friend duely obliged and even leant me a hat to wear.

We had a lovely walk into town having a good natter about life – despite being the instigator of a lot of the fun we get up to at the hostel he’s quite a thoughtful young man (21?). He’s of the crazy opinion he should settle down, get a proper job etc, I hope I’ve done my best to talk him out of that, he’s far too young for that kind of thinking, having realised what I’ve missed out in (a lot of it now too late to do) my wisdom and great age advised to keep having fun doing what he loves, serious can come much later – if at all!!

Our walk took us through the park and up to the Golden Bearing – seems I can’t stay away – before heading back to the hostel and preparations for my and Maren’s farewell BBQ.

Continuing the theme of finishing stuff off, with cous cous, pesto and veg left, was an obvious choice of what to make and with added herbs from the garden I can modestly say it was super yummy!

The BBQ was fab, all cooked by George, king of Sunflower BBQs, salads all great, but James pizza scrolls were the winner of the evening for me, until Alan brought ‘his’ pavlovas out (for his read ‘made by Rachel but carried on a tray by Alan’)

We had a final game of Mafia with usual chaos of accusations and it was time for a final nights sleep.


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