Jury Cup week 30th Nov-6th Dec

The notes are still incredibly vague……..


no clue!

tuesday 2k test

Horrible – had to work out our own plan to get through it – my plan, as ever, was to get under 8 mins, all I needed to do was sit on 2min/500m splits and under for a few strokes and I’d make it under 8 mins.

We had no one coxing us apart from to say ‘remember your plan’. I was doing really well (at sticking to the plan) until the last 250-300m when my splits went from 2mins up to 2:11, I pulled myself and my legs back together, but by then it was too late. I finished at 8:01 – gutted


no idea

thu boat loading 6x 1min

Erghhhhhh. I got to training early and someone else was already there so we did out 6x 1min together. She declared this would be the easiest set piece we’d done in ages…. The first one was mental – we just had to to them as fast as possible – we rated at 40 strokes/min – stupidly fast, normally we do low 30s for racing

With a rest inbetween (I think 2 mins??) we went again 5 for times, this was generally at a slower rate of 36/37 – far more do-able after the  craziness – no way we could have kept that pace up!

fri rest and wanganui – Jury Cup

Rest day and a drive to Wanganui. This was an easy drive compared to when we went for camp, no pouring rain or driving wind. We arrived in daylight! Stayed at the YMCA – an old private school – lovely place, had time to go to the supermarket and settle in before others arrived and an early night before race day

Sat – race

I wasn’t in the Novice 8 but did get to row with another team from the rowing club in their 8 – had a great row – we came 2nd. Also came second in our 4 – hurrah!

Was also in a quad, but that was cancelled – it got really windy out on the water, we all had to shelter under the trees – actually under – we were holding onto branches/leaves to stop floating downstream. Once they’d decided to cancel the races we then had to row the 2km back to the finish – slowly and carefully, but was fun as we had a safety boat with us and a lady filling up her memory card on her camera – sadly not found where the photos ended up!


In the evening we chilled out, some of the guys partied, I was boring (and tired) had 1 beer and was in bed by 9:30pm……..

Sun – train/travel

We got a lie in as the Club women trained first. We had a fab long paddle up the river and back before loading the trailer with boats/oars etc. Left pretty early to travel back and were home in Wellington at about 3/4pm – the luxury!!!


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