Wow, It’s now February 2015!

I’m now living in Wellington and loving NZ just as much

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with this blog, keep telling myself I’ll get better………


Well, its now April 2014 and so much has happened since I last updated ‘about’

It seems my travels around SE Asia are over for a while as I’ve fallen in love with NZ and after a brief trip to Oz I’m back here until I have to head back to London and reality in October.

I settling in New Plymouth for a while and have decided to get fit again, so its back to running, boot camp and long walks for me – am very excited!


Wow, how much has my ‘about’ changed in the year since I started writing this blog?!

My runs for 2012/13 are now all over and instead of writing about running it’s now a blog about my travels around SE Asia, NZ and Oz. With a brief blip of a half marathon around Angkor Wat I’m not sure much running will feature, although I have bought a skipping rope in an attempt to improve my skipping and maybe keep a little fit…….


Welcome to my blog!

When I started writing it back in December 2012 it was about my journey to running the 2013 London marathon. Now, 2 weeks after the marathon I’m still writing it and I realise it’s already changed into a blog about all my runs, training, injuries, triumphs, downfalls and has for me become a wonderful place to share experiences and learn from others.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it


I’m using all my runs this year as an opportunity to fundraise for a rheumatology charity run by the Professor of the research department where I work


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