Updated – still having adventures and exercising!

Wow, this hasn’t been updated in a while


It’s now December – life has changed – I now row, train 6 days a week! I’m not great at it, but I love it

My hands are covered in callouses, my calves have slide bite – check out this link for gruesome detail


It’s the last day of April 2015 – time is flying

I’ve turned 40, have a job, hip better, learning Muay Thai/MMA



Now February 2015 – I was granted my visa in September, still searching for a job though – never been officially unemployed before!! Hip still poorly under heavy exertion……. once I find a proper job I might take it to see a doctor!!



Wow, its now 10 months since I started travelling!

Still in NZ, applying for a visa to stay

The exercise thing went well major bootcamp-a-rama in New Plymouth. Since being in Wellington I’ve done a few runs, but currently have a poorly hip 😦

Since I wrote this in October last year so much has happened, it’s now April and I’ve decided to spend the rest of my time in New Zealand.

It’s an awesome place, so much to do outdoors, I’m loving it!

Having spent an amazing 5 months travelling and living like I’m on holiday I’ve decided I need to get fit again and so the running is back with boot camp and long walks (or tramps as they call them here!)


So the runs are coming to an end – 2 more to go this year.

The Major on Saturday (19th October) and then Angkor Wat half marathon on 1st December.

Angkor Wat? Or more likely Angkor where? In Cambodia!!

On 5th November I’m leaving the UK for (up to) a year depending on how long I can make my pennies last!

So not wanting to have to start my blog again it’s going to move from more exercise related news to my adventures travelling around SE Asia, New Zealand and Australia – currently moving between exciting and scary on a regular basis, the countdown has begun


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