21-25th Dec – Christmas!!!!


A relatively easy morning on the ergs – nice long warm up and then 3km at 2km pace….. All followed by coffee with the girls 🙂 and pot luck dinner in the evening – great way to start the week


It was pouring with rain, but nice flat water in the lagoon, so the lovely Nina and I headed out with me in a single and her with her trouser legs rolled up holding onto me…….

You can row the length of the lagoon in about 5 strokes, so the holding on to the end thing was to practice the rowing stroke without endlessly having to turn around! That and I got some coaching at the same time

Best advice for being in a single – if it all feels like it’s going horribly wrong, put your hands together. Putting your hands together means the boat will find its balance and you shouldn’t tip into the water……

We were out for about an hour, did do some rowing up and down the lagoon, and it wasn’t too scary and I didn’t fall in (but to be honest I was so wet from the rain it wouldn’t have made a difference!!!)

Felt really good to be out in a boat, not too terrified, so fingers crossed I can stay rowing even when the others are out in the 8.


Ohhhh, it was a traumatic row this morning. While the other Novices went out in the 8, I went in an 8 with the Masters.

We have a boat called the City of Wellington, COW for short and this morning it lived up to its nickname. I was happy in my traditional spot of 4 seat.

The row was a rocky one with balance being a major issue, but what I soon realised was that my left calf was getting cut into by the slide – the bit the seat moves backwards and forwards on. It had no cover on the end so was just bare metal, stabbing my leg every stroke, before long it was bleeding and then it was all I could do to stop thinking about the metal jamming into my leg – felt pretty queasy…..

On the up side we went to see Star Wars in the evening at the Lighthouse in Petone – all thoughts of manky leg forgotten

Thursday – Christmas Eve

No evening rowing session tonight, so instead I went to Masters lunchtime ergs – there was 3 of us, so not exactly packed!!! Did manage to rescue 2 birds trapped in the shed, didn’t want them being stuck in there over Christmas.

There was a rumour we could leave work at lunch time, was untrue, but the boss left around 2pm, so we followed soon after….. Home for food shopping, present wrapping and Muppets Christmas Carol

Friday – Christmas!!!!!

Had a crazy long lie-in until 8am!!! Then we were up and cooking lasagna and cannelloni for dinner.

Was rescued from too much cooking by a Skype call to Nikki and her family – they have fab Christmas Eves so was lovely to see them all, champagne in hand!!

Although Friday is normally a rest day, today we had to exercise as tomorrow was a travel/rest day….. our coach had requested a gift of a photo of our chosen form of exercise. We went on a really great bike ride round the coast to York Bay – wanted to make it all the way to Eastbourne, but lunch was calling……

chrsitmas 1.jpgchristmas.jpg
On the cycle back I got waved at by a police man – I’d been a good girl and looked over my shoulder before pulling out, spotted him behind me and so waited for him to pass (in his car). The then turned around (I was a bit worried) and waved!

Home in time for a speedy shower and a drive into town – such a beautiful day, the water looked amazing.

Off for our now traditional (2 years in a row) Christmas lunch at Dragons – Yum Cha – so yummy, totally justified the eating after our cycle!! We went for a walk afterwards along the waterfront and then spotted that Te Papa was open. Rhys hadn’t been to see the Gallipoli exhibition, so seemed like a perfect time to go. He enjoyed it as much as I did the first time I went. It was quieter (fewer people) and somehow became more moving than the first time. We both left in a slightly less than Christmassy mood, but back out in the sunshine thoughts turned to the afternoon ahead and the arrival of 2 excited children.

Was a great afternoon with the girls, they loved their present, we walked the dogs on the beach, watched the original Miracle on 34th Street, had yummy pasta, I started watching the end of Hotel Transylvania 2 but headed for bed at 9pm…….

Could be why I was then wide awake at 4am…. decided to Skype my parents and was happy to see Christmas jumper action in full swing.

christmas jumper
From 3 years ago!




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