9th November – James Bond week

Monday out in the 8 ghost rowing – loved it – the concept of pushing with the legs and doing nothing with the arms is doing wonders for my blisters, or complete lack of new ones – going to stick with this!!


Tuesday on the ergs, horrible weather, horrible 2km pieces, 3 of them…….

Had a shocker. The first was fine. Rating 24 for 1000m and 26 for 1000m. The second I couldn’t breath at 1000km (at 26), stopped, cried and after some friendly encouragement pulled it back together for the last 1000m (at 28). The third I managed 1000m at 28 and some at 30 before again my breathing went haywire, missed about 10 strokes getting by breathing back and then finished – I was amazed – I finished before quite a few people, so if I can sort out my breathing and keep up that pace I’ll be pretty chuffed with myself.

So, not much to celebrate about rowing, but I did get my work visa for another year, so was allowed out for chocolate cake 🙂


Wednesday – I slept in for a whole hour….. woke at 6:20am thinking it’s a bit light outside and sure enough it was. Quick text to my coach stating the obvious – I’m late! It was a mad dash to get dressed and drive into town and to training. I arrived at the club to find all the ergs full, so was sent on a 20minute run (here) while the others finished what they were up to. When they did it was my turn – all by myself (totally my own fault) – 40/20s 3 lots of 10 – it was HARD. The others had looked broken by the end and they had each other for company. It was a good exercise in not letting myself talk myself into quitting or taking it easy – no point in getting up late, coming to training and not doing it properly – may as well have stayed in bed for that.

Thursday – really enjoyed today. We started with a fun abs session – all 10 of us got to pick our favorite abs thing to do and we did it for 2mins, high knees in between! Then we had a really great team chat about race plans and how things are going to work going forwards before getting into some erging putting that plan into action – hard work, but fun – I love chats like that, made me feel really excited about rowing and it’s always good to remember why we’re doing all this training!

Friday – rest day, but also James Bond Day!!!!!!! As a fundraiser for the club we sold tickets to a special screening of the new James Bond film, Spectre. Was at the Penthouse in Brooklyn, nice arthouse-type cinema, v comfy seats and free wine 🙂 Really fun, but with a 7am start was home straight afterwards for an early night

Saturday – 7am start but rowing in Petone so a quick cycle and I was there – early – early enough to make me double check facebook to check I’d got the time right as no one else was there…… We had rather a rough row in the 8 (the waves not our technique (so much)). I was on bow side (my less favorite side) and have discovered that the feeling I’ve been getting of ‘catching’ the water before I put my oar in properly and I’ve been trying to correct is what I actually should be feeling (it’s called getting backsplash). Good to know if slightly frustrating to have been thinking it was wrong all this time…..

The afternoon was given over to the important job of cider tasting. A magazine (Capital) had got in touch with our coach and wanted to know if he could find 10 women who’d be prepared to try about 20 ciders….. he wasn’t short of volunteers! It was a really fun afternoon of tasting, commenting and trying to think where we pictured ourselves drinking these ciders, what landmarks or personalities did they remind us of……. we got better as time went on – some were really yummy, one or 2 were certainly not, but I’m now a firm fan of berry ciders – yum

Sunday – erging – it was hard, I wanted to give up, we did 3 sets, only a short way into the 2nd and I was willing to give up and go home, but talked myself through it and somehow held on through the 3rd. Next week is peak week….. help!



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