Week 9 – erg-a-thon

Monday – evening run, gentle 30mins

Tuesday – on the water – swapped for another rower via the coach boat – we had tickets to see Neil Finn 🙂

neil finn

Wednesday 6am – got a lift into town so a bit of a lie-in – on the water again – so still no idea what 40-20s are……

Thursday – water again and a run to the station……

Friday – rest

Saturday – erg-a-thon – in town at 7am for 8x 15mins of rowing – teams of 6 (or 5 in our case) rowing for 10 hours (about 100mins each) Managed a good pace, 24 strokes/min rating under 2:10/500m until my knee couldn’t take it any more, rowed the last couple of sessions with 1 leg – was still fun though!!!!

row a thon

Sunday – weights session – was meant to be 8am, but delayed until 5pm to allow for the rugby! Knee still pretty sore, not happy standing up or sitting down (coach advised to do neither……) still managed the 2hr weights circuit though, just didn’t do any erging


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