Week 8 – 2km test week and our first regatta

Plan 151005

Monday – we did a deal – rowing this evening (usually when we train by ourselves) for a lie in on Wednesday – the water was great, so who were we to turn down an extra row and a lie in??


I loved this session, we worked really hard and had the honour of being coached by Dick Joyce. He’d already spoken to me when I was warming up on the ergs, but I had no idea who he was, but thankfully happily listened to his advice!

Tuesday – 2km test day…… last month was my first test and amazed myself by getting on the leader board. Now I wanted to do it again…… so did everyone else! Told to hold my stroke rate at 26/min, 500m split of 2min for first 1000m then go for it in the 2nd half of the row. I was good for the first part, fell apart a bit in the middle*, my splits heading towards 2:10….  but pulled it back together to manage a time of 8:08 – so 1 second off (better) than my previous time, but not enough to get back on the board……

*the coach watching thought I was about to give up, so did I, but happy to have overcome that and kept going, and a second is still a second……

Wednesday – a lie in!!!!! But still managed to fit in a lunchtime erg

Thursday – I honestly can’t remember, but I imagine it was erging……..

Friday – only some people were going to get out on the water first thing this morning, but another girl was going to erg/weights and I said I’d join her at 6:30am – so many reasons why this was a silly idea – 1, I had the day off work, I could have slept in. 2, it was meant to be a rest day. 3, with a regatta on Saturday the rest thing was important. 4, did I mention it was my day off?????

We did some erging, then a bit of chatting and I was home again before anyone else in the house had woken up!!

Saturday – Regatta Day – Porirua Goodwill – erghh an early start to be in Porirua for 7am. The regatta was pretty delayed due to the wind/waves! We found a sheltered spot to sit out of the wind and eventually began to warm up as the sun came out. Our first race was the Novice 8 – not sure if this will work this should – but we won!!! There was a worrying moment when the referree boat came over to check we were Novices and all women…. apparently they thought there might be a man in the boat…… I don’t think my short hair helped….. it was suggested I should ‘get them out’ but thankfully it wasn’t needed…… We came 2nd in the Open 8 – might work? will work. We were split between 2 boats for the Novice 4s – the first boat rowed a storm coming in 20sec ahead of everyone else!!! Our boats wasn’t so fast, but think we came 1st in our heat…… here

The regatta was in Titahi Bay, where the sailing club is, and as it happens there were people there so popped along to say hello – they were selling a safety boat, the rowing club needs a coach boat – it was a match!

With all the delays we didn’t leave until 4:30pm – the sun that was warming in the morning had burnt a lot of us – lesson learnt – learn to love the shade (and get a hat)!!


Sunday – team chat – this was good, the coaches Nina and Joe sat and outlined what was on the horizon for us. Rowing camp on Labour Weekend is going to be the start of stepping things up for Nationals. After camp they’re going to have 1 2 1s with us and tell us where we are in terms of ability etc within the squad, what we need to do to improve etc. We need to be ready to tell them whether we’re committed to training towards Nationals or just want to learn to row – either way is fine, just so everyone knows where they stand.

We also had a chat about behaviour – turning up on time, making availability known, when we arrive at the club, get organised, coach boat out, oars out, boats etc. Once on the water listening to coach/cox/stroke for instructions, not chatting when you’re not rowing, but listening/watching/balancing the boat.

I really appreciated this, I hate all the faffing around that goes on, people wandering off etc. Also finally knowing that if you commit to training for Nationals you will go and you will get to participate – went home feeling much happier


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