Week 7 – such a fun week

After peak week this felt like a week off!

220 Capture

Monday – I went rollerskating with a friend!! As covered here I had a small accident, but otherwise all was fine and dandy and we covered a lot of ground

Tuesday – first time on the water in aaaaaagggeees – other than that I can’t remember what we did, as I’m writing this over 2 weeks after we did it……


Wednesday – on the water again šŸ™‚ in the morning this time…….


Thursday – As a treat we all went rock climbing – I learnt how to do this many moons ago and still have my shoes (shipped out form the UK) I’d forgotten how painful they are though, and rediscovered that I still don’t like heights……

There was a rope suspended from the ceiling where we went that some of the girls managed to climb – I didn’t even bother trying, but in my sleep last night I managed to do it with ease!!!!

climbing happy

Thanks for the photos Joeclimbing stern

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – out on the water twice! It was meant to be a regatta today, but the weather wasn’t great. We managed to find 2 windows to row in though šŸ™‚


We also discovered that the regatta was called off on Sunday, so meant many Saturday nights out were suddenly planned!

Sunday – meant to be a bit of erging, but due to the previously mentioned Saturday night out, I may have skipped this session……..



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