I got told off…….

I was in trouble yesterday with Nikki.

In fact I’ve been in trouble with her since Saturday.

Roller skating without protection is my crime…….

It was all fine until I was attacked by an evil lip at the end of a bridge…… the skates swooped out from under me as I tried to jump/step/skate over it and I landed on my right hand, elbow and bottom with great heaviness and much attention from those around me.

I was mostly fine, no head bumping, slight amount of blood on my hand and  having refused all offers of help, I managed to get back up on my ‘feet’.

Once the small crowd had dispersed I may have admitted to a small amount of pain, but it was all good – although I’m never skating over that bridge again!

Stopped off at the rowing club to wash my hand and remove a couple of loose chunks of skin. It was deserted when we’d passed about 10mins before, but when we arrived the deck was covered in people and there was no hiding my injured hand or my ‘old school’ skates or the fact I almost could have put an end to my rowing for a while……

We headed off in a safer direction – away from people/dodgy surfaces and on to Oriental Parade. Much better, I had a chat to a man who referees Roller Derbys, picked up some skating pointers from him (he was under the illusion that I was just learning to skate…… no my friend, I have a good 35 years of experience)

Then, and far more excitingly, I spotted a shiba inu – a what? you may ask? only one of the cutest dogs ever!! They’re fairly rare over in the UK where I was lucky enough to have 2. Over here, it’s the first I’ve seen since I’ve been here. But chatting to the guy who owned her, there’s a breeder in Christchurch.

Murphy dog, he had a peaceful life
until this one came along – Maple
But they were good friends
1927870_6647795292_2757_n (1)
Murphy on his favorite chair in the days before Maple – so handsome

Of course, I had to sit on the floor and have a cuddle, she licked my hand better and cleaned my face and then it was time to say goodbye – she goes for a run and tows her owner behind on his skateboard!

So, should I be wearing protection? (well, probably yes) My friend had wrist and elbow guards on, but that wouldn’t have saved my hand or my bum….. Do I listen to my very wise friend Nikki, who points out that just because this all didn’t exist when I was younger doesn’t mean I shouldn’t wear it now…… or compromise and wear pads, or do what she wants and wear a helmet which feels like over kill, but if I bumped my head would keep me much safer?


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