Week 6 – no training plan – probably as it turned out to be peak week!

It’s Tuesday already and no official training plan yet

Coach/Masters/Tertiary (the uni folk) have been away in Twizel (as in a Johnathon Ross ‘trying/twying’ not ‘twizzle/swizzle’ for the uninitiated – Kiwis laugh if you make that mistake….). Still making the long journey back and so we’ve been unsupervised!

Monday – with Mr Moonboot unable to go to bootcamp and me needing to do 2x 35 minutes of steady state I thought I’d take advantage. So, 6am, freezing cold, howling wind, pouring rain, Petone waterfront – was fun to be back, but I didn’t work as hard there as we do in our normal training sessions – it’s hard to when you’re partnered with someone, you’re so reliant on them to work super hard too. I left feeling like I’d worked out, but it certainly wasn’t 60mins of steady state….. Thankfully Sam had texted by the time I got to work and we agreed to meet at lunch for an erg session (hurrah for my key). She had a plan…..

4 mins 18 strokes/min

3 mins 20

2 mins 22

1 min 24

5 mins steady around 20

1 min 24

2 mins 22

3 mins 20

4 mins 18

Was good fun and hard work, and certainly felt like a good workout

Tuesday – was a bad training session for me.

More erg stuff, this time endurance pieces. 2km, 2.5km and 3km

I managed to 2km piece easily – we were rowing at a few seconds over our 2km times and it felt really good. Then we rested while another group did theirs then back on for the 2.5km and something happened to the left side of my back/shoulder, massive amounts of pain, I stopped a couple of times to stretch it, but it didn’t help, powered on through to the end but knew something wasn’t right. More stretching, sat down to do the 3km piece but was told to go do step-ups instead…….

Wednesday – terrible weather so coach mixed it up with a weights circuit session

Really good fun and despite my back/shoulder still feeling not right there was plenty I could do, so felt much happier, although still annoyed

Thursday – a sunny evening, so after 20mins warming up on the ergs we went to do some hill sprints – not exactly my happy hurrah, but it was good to be outside!


This is where I love my garmin – you can see the 2 sets of shuttles up and down the hill, the 2 runs up the hill and then the 2 last sets of shuttles before the journey back to the rowing club (in a car) so one of the other girls and I could get in our ‘power strokes’ before heading to the train station!

The shuttles were hard and the hill ridiculous, but as ever, we do what we’re told and it is kind of fun………

Friday – rest day!!!!!!

Saturday – no training as we’re saving ourselves for tomorrow (promises to be a lovely day) so I went roller skating for the first time in years (and I really do mean years). It was really great fun, but hard work once I was back in the swing of it and lovely by the sea.





Sunday – out on the water for the first time in ages!!!

It was a beautiful sunny 8am morning, the water was so flat it was incredible – we could see the bottom of the lagoon (and all its seaweed), out on the ocean when we got round by Oriental Parade we could see all the starfish on the bottom, lots of little ones and some big ones – normally the water has been so churned up you see none of this – we were a happy bunch out in our 8 – we even rowed all 8 of us together!

Very happy until we were made to stand up in the boat – it’s a practice piece – you put your oar in the water, feel it ‘connect’ with the water and then pull yourself up against the oar


Clearly this isn’t us, but this is the idea, although we did it in pairs rather than all 8 of us…….


We were back at training at 4pm, but in the mean time I ended up ‘playing’ tennis – I say this in the loosest sense – there were rackets, there were balls, there was one rally when all 4 of us hit the ball over the net, but I’m fairly sure there was only one….. There was a lot of running to try and hit balls or after balls we missed…..

So, 4pm, bit windier than it was, but still sunny and this time we were in Quads – the boats where you have 2 oars each – not my favorite – find it very hard compared to sweeping (what we were doing in the morning). But I learnt a lot, still getting there, but again we managed to row all 4 together (which means no one is balancing the boat with their oars – we all balance by getting our hands at the right height….)


Was tired by the time I got home and I think have caught the sun – I think finally summer is on the way!!!!

Regatta next weekend – will be the first time wearing a club vest – very excited


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