Another week another training plan


So this week we’re ‘building’ – I assume on the ‘base’ we created last week

Monday – mixed it up a bit today, instead of running with Sam at lunchtime we did 15min ergs and weights. I tried to row with my feet not strapped in – think I’m getting the hang of it…… Was such a lovely day we did the weights outside, trouble with a sunny day is that a lot of tourists are out overlooking the rowing club, and therefore us, we will be in a few holiday photos I think!! Little circuit of 15x dorsal raises (with a 10kg weight), 15x leg throws, 15x 8kg bicep curls, 15x 30kg deadlift and 15x 10kg ‘lawnmowers’ – knee and hand on bench, leg on floor, hand hanging down and pulling back to ribs like you’re starting a lawn mower…….

Was a good workout, but really warm in the sun!!!

After work, with more steady state to do I was planning on a run along the seafront with my bf…. he wanted to go up Mount Victoria and run, not sure why, but I agreed. Mount Vic, as the name should suggest, is a small, steep hill – any run at the top of it can only go one way…….down….. it has mountain bike trails, so lots of lovely steep bits….. and what goes down, must come back up…… we did this finishing back at the car, and then realising we may as well go to the top, we ran up a few stairs (for fun) to the peak – beautiful views

Tuesday – I was tired….. we had to run around the overseas terminal to warm up, then 3x 2km at 22/23/24 strokes/min – then I was shattered.

Our coach wanted us to do a bit more cardio, another 20 minutes of it. I’d had enough and decided I’d run to the train station…… not quite what he’d had in mind, but all that was left in me

Wednesday 6am – It was too rough to row. Asking us to be there for 6am usually means we’ll be out on the water, so we were all v quiet and just sat on the floor waiting for our coach to arrive.

We had to run to the police boat and back – took us slower ones 12 minutes.

On the ergs we were split into 5 teams of 3. We were split by our 2km erg times, so in theory the teams were all equally balanced – best time with worst time with a middle person.

As a race we took it in turns to row

100m arms only, then

200m arms/bodies, then

300m arms bodies half slide, then

500m row, and collapse.

We then did some sneaky power strokes disguised as fun – 3x row 250m in as few strokes as possible, push super hard with your legs and then crawl back up the slide so you get as much distance as possible from each stroke – our coach can do it in 11 strokes – me? 13, 12 and 12

To round everything off? Run around the lagoon and then Te Papa

Done – so tired, sat at work zombie like until I had some crystalised fruit and the sugar kicked in!

Thursday – I now have a key to the rowing club – I’m very excited by this!!

I trained at lunchtime today – have a school performance to attend this evening so can’t make training. Texted the coach to tell him this morning and ask if there was anything I should focus on – one word back – ‘strength’ – to some of my friends I’m ‘freakishly strong’ but there’s always room for improvement!

I had a fun warm up on the ergs, repeated what we did on Wednesday 100m arms etc, but with no breaks and then some power strokes trying to get my number of strkes to 250m down below 12 – it wasn’t to be – but it’s good to have a number to aim for, makes you try so hard as it’s so close within my grasp… but still so far. Then arms, abs, a jog back to work and done until Saturday!!!!!

Friday – a rest day – bubble soccer doesn’t count right?

Hmmmmm, not so much of a rest day – had to sprint for the train in the morning and bubble soccer is exhausting – running around inside a plastic bubble is harder work than you think…… 4 quarters of 7minutes each = a lot of hot v sweaty workmates + partners.

And as it turns out 1 bf with a broken 5th metatarsal…..

Saturday and Sunday – hop-a-long (complete with crutches and moonboot) threw a spanner in the rowing this weekend – barely able to walk, he needed a chauffeur/gopher/cheerleader/someone to round up his 2 girls (it’s like herding cats at the best of times). Ended up sneaking in a couple of runs while they were all occupied and unlikely to cause each other too much harm – miserable weather, windy, rainy, cold.


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