An impromptu day off – Lyall Bay, a seal and snowy mountains

Last week my bf and I decided we’d take a random day off work – was the perfect day to chose – beautifully sunny – and as we both do early morning exercise on a Wednesday we made the most of the day!!

If you read my rowing posts then you’ll already know that I was on Wellington waterfront with this as my view as the sun rose.


After meeting back at the house and cooking the most amazing breakfast (we were hungry) we decided to head out to Lyall Bay – not sure how to describe where it is, so here’s a map!!


It was a crazy windy day in the Bay – the seagulls were struggling to stay stood on the seawall. The spray coming off the waves kind of shows the wind, but I loved it – it’s great when you’re wrapped up against it with the sun shining.

20150909_122824 20150909_122831

Even better of course when you take refuge and watch it through a window with a yummy coffee! Lyall Bay has an awesome cafe with an incredible view – Maranui Cafe – go if you ever get a chance – you can book a table, so get one by the window.


We decided on another walk along the beach before lunch, and lunch can only come from one place in Lyall Bay – Seaview Takeaways – in the Top 10 of fish and chip shops for Wellington (this isn’t because there’s only one place to eat in Lyall Bay, just it’s the best). A word of warning, their portions are HUGE – I asked for fish and got the equivalent of 2 battered fish compared to where we normally go.


Amazing and fresh and way too many, but it did seem a shame to waste them on the seagulls.

To try and work some of the food off, we took a drive (yeah, I know) round the coast for a look. We were chatting about how beautiful Wellington was and whether it had caught up with my love of Taranaki yet….. I was repeating my usual response of ‘yes, but it doesn’t have a mountain’ when we came around a corner and the bf announced ‘but how about that?’

The view was breathtaking and isn’t really at all captured in the photos, but you could see all the way to the snow-capped mountains on the South Island – beautiful.

If you click on the image, you can spot the mountains on the horizon!

So just for an afternoon, maybe Wellington was up there with Taranaki…….

He deserved a kiss for that (not that it was planned, just happened to be a clear day and he spotted them at the perfect time!!)

We stopped a bit further on to get out of the car and take a proper look. More photos of crashing waves and mountains

20150909_135230 20150909_135229

Then who should we come across but a seal?!


I’m still not over the fact that you can just see seals here – he was really cute, but all alone and with those big eyes looked sad – we wondered if he’s lost his friends. I wanted to take him home, but wasn’t allowed 😦

Did get this photo to remember him by, now my wallpaper on my computer at work


Turned out we were right by the road to Red Rocks – somewhere everyone talks about for spotting seals (so it shouldn’t have been a surprise, but I had no idea where we were – cue another map.)

this time with Google Earth - even from up there you can see the waves
This time with Google Earth – even from up there you can see the waves

Was a lovely day, a struggle to go back to work, but Thursday was rainy, so really a day to be indoors and dream about the next day off


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