Week 4 – BASE – whatever that means


So this week we enter a new cycle – cycle 7, week 1, BASE – not entirely sure what this means – it’s the first week of the 7th cycle (I get that bit) but BASE? Who knows

Monday – out for another lunch time run – my breathing suffered today for no apparent reason – was a lovely sunny and not too windy day for a run – all the way out to the lighthouse and back – had to walk 3x on the way back 😦

https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/899101524 – you can see the nice run/walk pattern……

Had a lovely stretch in Civic Square while a man was creating loads of massive bubbles – was a shame to go back to work! Another run this evening and that will be the 50mins for the day

Tuesday – first 2km test – after warming up for a good 10mins the aim was to row as hard as possible for 2km (on the ergs). I sought the advice of my corporate coach, as ever he had wise words to say and great faith in me – thought I could get a sub-8min time – that would mean I’d need to be at a 500m rating of sub-2mins all the way. In the end I was slightly over that at 8:09:02. The last 100m took forever, it should be 10 strokes, but it was like the end would never come.

So my rating was just over 2:02/500m – not bad but room for improvement. First step to that being working out how to stop my feet coming loose while rowing! Although apparently it should be possible to do feet-out rowing for 2km…… We had a nice cool-down jogging around the lagoon – much as my legs didn’t want to do it they definitely felt better for it.

Wednesday – 6am at the rowing club – why so early? There was rumour of a chance of getting out on the water – not a hope, it was way too rough.

Random thing happened in the changing room – 2 of the girls congratulated me on my 2km time – thought it was a little odd, but nice and friendly and it was my first test. I realised why though when I looked at the 2km honours board – I was on it!!!!!!

IMG-20150909-WA0003 IMG-20150909-WA0001

I was so excited, I ran to take a photo!

Excitement over and it was off outside to do something either called a ‘bee sting’ or a ‘beasting’ – either way it sounded painful……

1 shuttle run, 1 press up, 1 sit up, 1 burpee

2 shuttle runs, 2 press ups, 2 sit ups, 2 burpees

3 shuttle runs, 3 press ups, 3 sit ups, 3 burpees

…… you get the idea………

10 shuttle runs, 10 press ups, 10 sit ups, 10 burpees

But we did get this as our view


Then some more static exercises, step ups/abs/tricep dips/abs etc

I’m certain I heard, ‘last abs and we’re done’

But what I didn’t hear was ‘….. done outside’

Back into the Rowing club for some erg work (it’s now Monday and I have no idea what that was)

Thursday was a mixture of ‘power’ work on the ergs and weights – this is when I miss Nikki, she was always my memory for this kind of thing………

What I do remember was a rather spectacular sunset/rainbow combo


Friday – rest day!!!!

Saturday – we didn’t row until 2pm as the weather was so miserable in the morning – out skulling in what they call the ‘octopush’, basically a quad, but for 8 people! Had Nina coaching us and a really great session on basic technique – I felt far more confident in skulling afterwards in everything but ‘feathering’ the blade – fine in my right hand, but can’t do it with my left. Instead of twisting your wrists to do it, you’re meant to just open up your hand and roll the blade…… works for one hand but not the other….. https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/899101531

Sunday – another beautiful day and out in an 8 this time – sweeping – but was sat bow-side for the first time ever – was very confusing – you hands do different things when sweeping – the outside hand (on the end of the oar) is the one that ‘pulls’ and the inside hand does the feathering – I struggled to make mine swap, it all felt very uncomfortable!

Not as uncomfortable as I felt seeing the giant jellyfish swimming underneath the boat – they were giant, their tentacles really long, one even had a baby jelly fish stuck in there.

End of another fun week – lots of hard work with the 2km test, skulling, sweeping, jellyfish and an angry oystercatcher


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