Week Three – an easy week?


So, it’s Monday and I went for a run with another rower at lunchtime – a far nicer way to train – we had a good stretch on the fake turf in the middle of Civic Square too! Both of us have aching calves and now my quads have joined the party. Another one tonight and that will make up our time. The run has helped loosen the muscles, so every cloud……

Tuesday we were back on the ergs. 10minute warm up waiting for our coach to arrive, then 2x 2km pieces – not ‘go as fast as you can’, but ‘go as fast (or slow) as you’re told’. My first was pretty good, 8:18 but my second was about 8:25 so far worse – was disappointed, but my legs were still tired from the steps of the weekend. 5minutes more on the ergs and then I ran my remaining 5mins on the way to the train station – good way to make sure I caught the train!

Wednesday. Now, I had written this on Wednesday but it didn’t save and only because it’s saved on my Garmin do I know that we went for a 10min run and judging by the timing it was after some work of some sort on the ergs….. now I remember – speed work – I wrote a good explanation on Wednesday….. can I be bothered to write it again? Not really…….. in short we did arms really fast, faster, even faster and stupidly fast, then arms and bodies, then arms bodies and half slide – all to work on keeping good form while moving fast – apparently in a few weeks that kind of speed will feel more normal and less insane..

Thursday – that’s only yesterday so much easier to remember (I say that but actually I’m struggling)….. We did another run around the Overseas Terminal (10mins) then it must have been 10 min ergs to make up our 20mins? Then a mixture of weights (heavy) 7 reps of each – biceps, abs with weights, dorsal raises and upright row – I rocked these last ones – there was 35kg on the bar and I did them without too much trouble (whoop me!! someone wanted to know how I got to be so strong. I paraphrased Nikki ‘I’m freakishly strong’ but followed that with ‘in some areas, still can’t do a man press-up).

Each round of these was interspersed with erg work – high resistance, trying to stand up 1min on, 1 min off for 4 rounds – we were getting told off for giggling (=not working hard enough) so serious face had to come out……

Friday – rest day – not as tired as I have been, but it has been an easier week compared to the last couple. No rowing tomorrow, there’s a regatta on and less than perfect weather – works out kind of well as it would have been a struggle to train and do the run I’m doing – now there is no ‘training’ so the run makes up for that!

Saturday – no rowing, but Tough Guy and Girl instead! I did this last year and was kind of dreading it again – there’s a massive hill with a rope to help pull yourself up it – I remember wanting to quit halfway up and made it to the top through encouragement from a lovely random stranger. The day dawned beautifully sunny, if a bit windy. The run was great, far more fun than last year, through the trees, streams, tunnels, I even managed to get up the hill with relative ease (pretty pleased with that!!) ran down the hill thinking I might go for a second lap (there was a 6km or 12km option – my plan was to only do 6km but was feeling surprisingly good) that was until I hit the cargo nets – all good, some barbed wire – fine, then the mud pit…… I employed the technique we’d used in the Major Series basically go fast down the middle – sadly what thwarted us then did so again – someone stopped in front of me (actually 2 men) and that was me stuck…… as soon as you stop the mud gets you and there’s really no coming back – please do enjoy the video of these several minutes of my life, winning, then failing and sinking and then just lying on mud……..

After this, I would say humiliation, but by the time I was out I really didn’t care (hence sharing the video), I had to pull my leggings back up – I looked like a badly dressed teenager with my crotch down by my knees – and carried on with all the energy I had sucked out of my legs – the ability to do a second lap was a distant memory. More trees, streams, mud and a quick river crossing later and I was over the line!

Didn’t realise quite how muddy I was until I got my photo taken and the women said ‘OMG your back!’ – I was caked in mud – including a massive lump on my chin I hadn’t noticed……

10319 IMG-20150905-WA0001

Loved the run this year and the showers were as amazing as I remembered – such lovely hot water – had to queue, but took the opportunity to rub as much mud off myself as I could manage – in the photo, where my skin looks pale, that’s just dried mud, not just the dark ‘splashes’ 🙂


Sunday was a fun morning on the water, but I was in the coach boat – last of 9 to arrive, so I drew the short straw…. was meant to be swapped in but as the others took sooooooooo long getting ready it never happened (there was so much faffing before we got on the water – even asked the coach if it was always this bad and I’d never noticed it being caught up in the middle of it all!). Learnt a lot though through being able to see what people are doing wrong (and right).

Also saw a jetskiing tiger/lion – not really something I thought I’d ever see…..


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