Who I work for

Not at all running, rowing or exercise related, but as people have asked what the company I work for do and there’s been a TED Talk posted about its importance, thought I’d write a quick post.

I work for a company called Matakina Technology/Volpara Solutions.


We design and create software to assess the density of a woman’s breast when she attends mammography screening. The denser the breast the harder it is to detect a tumour. The idea being if someone has a dense breast, it’s identified and the woman can then be sent for further screening – ultrasound – to prevent these tumours being missed.

TED talk by Chiqeeta Jameson, Director of Sales and Women’s Health Advocacy for SonoCiné. Three doctors said Chiqeeta’s breast cancer was a cyst before she went to a doctor who used ultrasound. When using mammography, she compares fatty tissue to jello and dense tissue to oatmeal, and finding a cancer comparable to being a pearl in those substances. She also talks about the increased risk for dense-breasted women.


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