Second week as a novice – a Peak Week

I emailed the schedule for the week to Nikki, these are the words she picked out for me to summarise the schedule

Good luck with that!!!
She’s not wrong……..
Not entirely sure how these cycles/weeks work, but the Novices are in cycle 6 and week 3 – I’m so far behind on the fitness, but hanging in on the schedule
Mondays are the only day we don’t all train together – I went out for a run at lunch time along the waterfront – so windy at times I’m sure I wasn’t making any progress forward…… At the coach’s suggestion we broke the 70mins into 2 blocks – far more manageable right now
Tuesday started with a 20 minute ‘warm up’ on the ergs followed by 3x 2mins hardcore, pushing as hard as you can while maintaining 20 strokes/min pace over 2km. My best time was 8:25 – not bad, but not great. The evening ended with a final run around the Overseas Terminal before heading for home.
Wednesday was a 6:15am start but we were out on the water – in a sweep boat – was good to be back in one! Was pretty windy so everyone – club men and women, masters, us – were all out in the sheltered bit of the harbour – efforts were needed to avoid crashing! I was told my rowing was ‘not too bad’ which is as close to a compliment as I was likely to get, so I’m happy with that!!! Was just leaving to head for work when I bumped into my Corporate coach (also a Master) so went and joined them for a quick coffee…. such a bad influence, but the coffee was yum.
Midway through the morning the coach decided we’d not worked hard enough in the boats, so we had to do some interval work…… hung my kit up to dry under/around my desk, and headed out again at lunch time (crazy)
Thursday was the first day my calves haven’t ached since the 5km run last Tuesday – this was all soon to change. Did a 15 minute warm up on the ergs, ran for 25 minutes (hello calves) then back for a combo of weights and leg work on the ergs.
Not done the leg thing before and it was an awesome exercise. Basically, set the resistance to 8, change the display to ‘watts’ then push as hard as you can for 10 strokes, rest for a minute, repeat 5 times. I was terrible to start with, around 150 watts, everyone else was well over 200. Coach kept saying to ‘stand on it’ and this made no sense. Then I had to hold his hands and pull against him – it’s then that it made sense – I stood up – or I would have done if I wasn’t strapped to the erg……. Then it was on, by the end of the 3rd time through I’d got my watts to 299 – so close to 300. Next time……..
Friday – rest day!!!!!!
Saturday – one of the girls had said that, for a peak week, it had been an easy week…… She had clearly not been doing it properly…… So, the coach sent us for a run to Balaena Bay – sounds nice, right? Hmmmmm wrong. Get to the Bay then there’s ‘some’ stairs – this woman uses them for stair-running competitions. A kindly old man chuckled at the 7 of us as we stood at the bottom of the 360-something steps. He chuckled harder when he found out we were running them 3 times! OMG – it was a killer – there was no way I could run up them all, but then neither could anyone else! I was quick coming down though (got to be good at something…..) We got back shattered, I had to jump in the shower and run to the ferry (where I sat like a beetroot)
Sundayrowing out at Northend – perfect, no drive into town, just 2 minutes down the road. Not so great were all the sand flies biting away (itchy). We were out in an 8 again – so much easier than skulling! My major thing to work on is looking up and straight ahead, not down in the boat all the time – posture Emma!!
Peak week wasn’t as terrible as I thought it might be, but today is Monday and my quads have joined in the pain game!

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