Race Night!!

As night follows day, Race Day is followed by Prize Giving!

We all decided to go out for dinner before prize giving – all v sensible as it was to be BYO and there was talk of tequila from the coach…….

We went to Bin44 and I had my first experience of Wellington on a Plate – an amazing burger with matched beer – fancy!!


We gave our coach a bottle of whiskey and a T-shirt bearing our (winning) indoor rowing times as a thank you for all his hard work – you can just about read it in the pictures, but he was so busy showing it off he wouldn’t stay still!!

20150815_192547 20150815_192531

Prizegiving was fun – we got a name check for winning all the classes at the indoor competition – but no trophy 😦

We already knew who had won the men (OMV), women (PWC/Spark) and mixed (Opus) races but the overall winner – between the 6 crews who won the heats was unknown. Was likely to be between Comcom and OMV men. Was 1.5 seconds in it, our coach was convinced we’d won it and as ever he was right!


So happy for the guys, totally deserved it.


The rest of the evening was spent drinking, dancing and downing shots of tequila*…



Happy days

*Just like to add I think there was something wrong with the lemons – most of us felt pretty rough the next day


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