What have I done??

After being very insistent that this was not going to happen, it did.

I’ve signed up for a Novice season of rowing……

This essentially commits me to another 6 months of training 6 times a week in the run up to the NZ Rowing Championships in February.

Novice rowing is a whole over level to our Corporate Rowing (we had 2 erg sessions and 2 water sessions – if the weather was good)

This is the schedule I landed myself with


-And even that was an under-estimate, I walked into my first training session on Tuesday evening – warm-up* run for 30 minutes (*warm up??? it’s the furthest I’ve run since the 10km last month!), then we did a whole lot of erg work, rowing at 20 strokes/min but pushing hard every time, then another 20 followed by 22 – it’s harder to push hard when you’re going slowly – but my 500m splits were better than they ever were when I was doing Corporate and rowing at those speeds – it’s like something has finally clicked! Then it was just another run to cool down…….

Wednesday 6:30am – warmed up on the ergs, then 15-7s – these were good fun, you take 15 strokes pushing as hard as you can with your legs then you have you have 7 strokes to recover and repeat – the trick being to take those 7  R E A L L Y S L O W L Y – we were good at that bit!

Thursday evening it was a short warm up – run round the Overseas Terminal – about 1km, then back for a weights session – lovely evening so we were out on the deck, then on the ergs as we had another 30mins of cardio to do – I did 15mins erging, ran to the train station and then ran home!

Friday was a rest day – amazing but ache ridden

Saturday we were out on the water – my first experience of ‘skulling‘ – must watch this sometime, and this – completely different to sweeping – which is what we did for Corporate rowing, but still did ok, I was in bow seat – behind someone who knew what they were doing – did mean I had to help row us out of the lagoon, a daunting task as I’d never taken a stroke in a skulling boat before and here I was in charge of it….. I’ve learnt I need to put my feet in different place, I need tighter clothing so the oars don’t get tangled up in my top and to cut my finger nails short – when hands get tangled, nails did in and I bleed……

Sunday was a massively early start*- we went to the Manawatu River for the day!


Was a fun drive up, towing the coach boat and chatting with my new rowing friends! Was a lovely day there, river pretty flat, and out in a quad – the proper name for a skulling boat with 4 people in (a sweep boat with 4 people being called a 4)

Skipping over the part where the coach, reversing my car onto the river side to unload the coach boat, managed to lock the car with the keys inside and the engine running (thank goodness for AA membership) it was a great day – 2 sessions of rowing, more stuff clicking into place and I got go at coxing

So I survived my first week……

*it was 6am at the rowing club. But my partner’s youngest had had her birthday sleepover on Saturday night, they were still running around and talking at 1am – they were determined not to fall asleep, so it wasn’t the most restful night to then have to get up and row…….


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