Indoor Rowing Competition

Monday, the day after Sunday…..

Monday morning dawned – time for the last erg session before the indoor rowing competition! We had to carry the rowing machines upstairs into the function room of the rowing club ready for the evening and then we proceeded to practice/work out how we were going to do this…..

The competition was to involve each team of 4 rowers to row 4km – we could cover that distance any way we wanted, so each row 1km each, cycle through 500m at a time, row for a minute each and swap etc

We decided to see how long we could maintain a decent speed/effort for – after a good warm up, we gave it a go and after about 45 seconds things started to drop off – so that was to be our approach row as hard as we could for 45 seconds and then swap

But how to swap? Basically throw yourself off the machine and to one side, giving the handle to someone else as you do so and get out of the way! At the same time 2 team mates loosen the straps holding your feet, grab the handle (and keep pulling it!!) hold the seat for the 4th team member to lower themselves on to, tighten their feet, give them the handle and off they row – easy!!!!

Ignoring the fact we didn’t have a 4th team member we were ready for the event and really looking forward to it.

Evening arrived and along with it our team vests and I was officially adopted into the Commerce Commission (it’s where the rest of the team work).

Team Commerce Commission (still searching for our extra person at this point!)
Team Commerce Commission (still searching for our extra person at this point!)

Our coach found us a lovely lady called Clare to row with us, she’s just started in the Novice squad (also racing, but for fun) and so would be racing against her team mates!! We all warmed up, practised falling off the machine etc and we were ready as we were ever going to be……

In rowing, races start with ‘Attention’ ‘Row’ – that’s it and we were away!

I was on first followed by Luana, Anneliese and then Clare – the atmosphere was crazy, screaming, shouting, encouragement coming from all corners, everyone looking at everyone else’s monitors to see who was in the lead. The first round of rowing was fine, but as we came through the second, into the third and then the forth the pain grew and recovery time seemed not to exist! We rowed our hearts out, but there was a cheer from one team meaning they’d finished, but we came in second and were super happy at that. The coach then came over and revealed that the novice crew had finished first and they weren’t in the competition so we’d won!!!!! The elation was unbelievable – we were so happy, excited and couldn’t quite believe we’d done it, oh and tired!!

Too tired to stand - our victory photo!!
Too tired to stand – our victory photo!!
Demonstrating the falling off technique
Demonstrating the falling off technique
In action
In action

Next up were the boys who now had not only the desire to win, but to make sure they won do we couldn’t gloat!!

Needless to say they stormed it! They rowed like machines/mad things – so proud

Next question was were we going to race the mixed race? I was so full of adrenaline and excitement that I wanted to and managed to persuade 3 others to row with me – did we win?? Of course we did!!!!!

We were so happy, our coach was being congratulated by everyone – all our hard work, early mornings and blisters paid off.

Trying to bring us down to earth our coach reminded us that ‘ergs don’t float’ but, for the evening we were too happy to care

Well deserved beer
Well deserved beer

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