What have I been up to in the last 12 months?

Good question!

I’ve moved to live in Wellington NZ and am now in the process of applying for residency here. This means having a massive sort out of what I’ve been up to for the last 12 months and so I should be perfectly placed to answer the question!!

July 2014 saw me do my first run in Wellington – Tough Guy/Gal – have to say it was rather disappointing after Tough Mudder (but then will anything repeat that experience?) It was a 5km course, with no challenging obstacles, some mud, a massive hill you needed to pull yourself up using a rope and a river swim at the end – hence looking rather clean at the end!!

Before with my cheering squad
After - cheering squad less keen to huddle up
After – cheering squad less keen to huddle up

Next was Butterfly Creek Nightime Madness in August – a gentle 7.7km walk with a 295m climb – we decided to do it in fancy dress (the website showed people in fancy dress) I suspect not that they, like us, were the only ones…….

and After.... we were all a bit tired
and After…. we were all a bit tired

In September we tried Aikido, I didn’t really enjoy it at all…… no kicking, no punching, no breaking a sweat…… so that was a no.

October was all about the tennis – we’re terrible at it, very rarely did a rally last more than 3 shots, but it was fun and the weather beautiful – by the sea with tuis flying overhead we weren’t really complaining!!

In November I popped back for 3 crazy weeks in the UK but still found the time for a Chi-walk and a Chi-run with Gray along my old favorite – the Parkland Walk – I love running with Gray, he makes it seem so easy

December saw the start of 3 amazing months of me being a hut ranger in Tongariro National Park on the Round the Mountain Track – it got too long and now it’s a separate posting! But here’s a picture to try to tempt you to read it – my view for 3 weeks20150211_085737 (1)

When I wasn’t in Tongariro, I was back in Wellington and on Saturdays I was learning to sail at the Titahi Bay Boating Club.

I had 4 really good sessions in glorious sunshine before more volunteering (on top on Tongariro) got in the way – the Cricket World Cup – another amazing experience – got to see England vs New Zealand (the less said about that the better, but it was a lovely sunny day…..)


Got to love the hat (and melting suntan lotion in the eyes)
Got to love the hat (and melting suntan lotion in the eyes)

March arrived and so did my first proper New Zealand job – the end to my backpacking/volunteering ways – but the beginning of having some actual money again – hurrah!!! The first thing I treated myself to was a copy of Wilderness magazine which at some point the hut rangers of Tongariro may be featuring in.

The second was a months worth of MMA classes at MTI Wellington – what is MMA? you may be asking – good question – I wasn’t too sure myself, but as ever there’s a wiki page for it. It’s enormous fun, but vicious and brutal – kind of like no holds barred wrestling, but meaner. I was the only woman for the first couple of weeks, then another one, Gentiane, joined, she’s lovely and although she was a beginner at MMA, check out her previous experience…… here and here, but then also here – Eagle vs Shark!! Although I did manage to make her tap out a couple of times!!

Once that month was up, the same gym had an offer on a month of Muay Thai classes. Loved this, missed MMA, but with the kickboxing you could be a bit rubbish and still kick and punch. If you were bad at MMA you were just pinned to the floor and in pain!

I might have carried this on, but saw an advert for a Corporate Rowing Challenge – a challenge??? This had to be investigated! IMG_5859From May-August the rowing club (that I can see through the window at work) were offering to train you to row, land sessions on rowing machines (ergs), 2x a week out on the water (depending on the weather) and 2x fitness sessions – all for NZ$350 (about 175 pounds – no pound sign on my keyboard). It culminates in an indoor rowing competition and a regatta between all the teams in the middle of August (a month away now) – how could I resist??IMG_5863

Turns out I couldn’t, so I’m currently doing 3x erg sessions a week and 2x out on the water rowing and I love it!!! We had a seal with us this week


One last thing, I also managed to fit in a 10km run through Wellington a couple of weeks ago – if you believe the medal, I ran a marathon, but I promise it was only 10km!!



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