ANZAC Weekend 2015

Been away for far too long and in the middle of writing a long email to Nikki decided it would be easier to write a blog post and include photos (that and it was turning into a long boring email….. as a blog post there’s a decision to read it or not!!)

Right, so

The weekend was fan-blooming-tastic
Really wish I still lived in New Plymouth or it was at least closer to Wellington, not a 5 hour drive away……
So, Friday night we drove to NP, arrived at the camp site just after midnight. Kept the kids in the car while I (bf was useless) put the tents up – separate ones for us and girls.
I got up at 5am to get to the Dawn Service for ANZAC Day – was much busier than last year and really nice ceremony, lovely atmosphere with random strangers talking to each other, where they’d come from etc.
Back at the camp site in time to get bf out of the tent for the end on sunrise and to see how close we were to the beach and the amazing view.
Spent the morning walking to see the Te Rewa bridge, Lake Rotomanu and the top of Mt Taranaki (most we saw all weekend) before heading into town to see the WindWand, War Memorial, lunch and park
20150425_115234 20150425_104608 20150425_101747
Rest, windy, Nita/Aaron, curry
Up, ice skating, lunch, Paritutu, Greer, feijoas
20150426_143709 20150426_143942
Up rain rain rain, bootcamp, shower, Wanganui
 Then clearly I got distracted and have only found this now (15 July) have inserted pictures and uploaded asap

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