Baby Ben and Peteks 3rd November

Another early start, off to catch a train to Burgess Hill.

Had a nice journey down, bit rainy but got to see Battersea power station on the way.

Clare and Ben were there to meet me as the train pulled in complete with Tigger, my welcome to the world present for Ben.

He was pretty grizzly, seemingly not happy with my presence, but Clare and I had a great catch up, all the gossip from work, her NCT class friends and how massive Ben is.

I’d bought him a couple of treats from NZ including a hoodie that says ‘camping is in-tents’ and it fitted him really well, he got chilly so a good excuse to try it on.

He finally warmed to me and we played with his toys – my time in NZ has not been wasted!!

All too soon it was time to head back – dinner plans back in FP

I didn’t cry when we said goodbye, but the was water in my eyes.

Back in FP I had to get back to the flat, pack my stuff and take it to the restaurant – Peteks – one of my top 2 in FP – as I’m staying with Nikki for a few nights.

Actually first we met in the Worlds End our old BMF pub, Al was there when I arrived followed by Helen and finally Nikki – no emotional reunion, Nikki announced it was like she’d seen me last week so we all moved straight on to general gossip.

The food in Peteks was as yummy as ever. I had the grilled tuna with rice and salad – amazing! Wine was drunk, a bit more when we returned to the pub where I met Helen’s housemate Jane – I’d been staying in her room and had been convinced she was called Jo….

Nikki and I headed off home to Lewisham, don’t think I’ve been there before. She’s housesitting for a friend, lovely place, I was honoured to be her first guest.

I have her presents from NZ and we sat to open the gift she’d given me when I went away. This was to be opened in case of emergencies, she’d forgotten what was in it! There was a purse with a London bus on, a pretty bracelet, a tea bag, some popping candy, nail varnish and a picture of the 2 of us with a great message on the back. Happy I never had to open it, was great to open it together.

Then after all the excitement of the day it was time for bed


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