Chi Running Club – Sunday 2nd November

I woke with a big question in my head…… Why was going to running club a good idea? I was tired, it was raining and I’m unfit….

But I’d said to Gray I’d be there and so be there I had to be. Gray helped me train for the London marathon last year by introducing me to Chi running technique and by being a fab motivator.

He runs 2 clubs on a Sunday now, but I think the weather put the walkers off as it ended up being just the two of us having a great walk around the park catching up on news and working a bit of technique.

The best new thing for good posture is to think about standing up straight and hooking your bra strap (bit that goes across your back – he’s working on a similar analogy for the men) yes, bra strap over a hook and for me that visualisation really works!

Back to the gym for a bit, Nerys who I’d previously trained with was meant to be coming but never appeared and the other regulars were away on holidays. So this time I had what they call ‘Lazy Sunday’ by myself with Gray for running and Simon (pt from the gym) for the more ‘circuity’ elements. 2 trainers and one unfit me headed off into the park and along the Parkland Walk.

I had my garmin on and so knew that Simon, running ahead, was pushing me out of my happy 10min miles into 9 and sometimes 8.5. I tried to pace myself at 9 something, 8 was going to kill me.

So the idea was we ran a bit then stopped and did some press ups, squats, sprints etc we did this along with some chatting, but I was struggling with the talk!

In the end we did around 4 miles of running and finished with some fun hill sprints – definitely got a good workout!!

Had a sneaky shower in the gym and headed down to Colliers Wood to sort out all my stuff I’d left behind in my flat and had gone to storage….. Far more than I thought, and a bike! Going to pick it all up on Wednesday, but wanted to see where the locker was and quite how much was there.

Got the tube back to FP, quick walk home and collapse into bed


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