Back in the UK

A few days short of a year and I landed back in the UK on 1st November – just in time for some pinching and punching.

Having only booked my flights a week before all the sensible relatively direct ones had gone…….

I left the house in Wellington at 7am on Friday, flew to Auckland (Air New Zealand), waited for 4 hours, on to Bangkok (Thai) for another 4 hour wait, Vienna (Austrian Airlines) for 2 hours then on to London Heathrow (Austrian). A tube journey up to Finsbury Park and I was in the park for 10am Saturday morning in time to meet my BMF friends for breakfast!!

39 hours and pretty much no sleep. I’d treated myself to a bulkhead seat on the Bangkok-Vienna leg – worth every one of the 70 Euros – but still no sleep.

Was great to see everyone in the park, they’d just finished their early morning BMF session, easy to spot from afar in their bibs. True to form I had a little cry, mostly of relief to have arrived, tiredness and the joy of seeing my friends after so long.

Hugs all round and we went to the cafe for breakfast.

It’s been strange being back as through the power of this blog and Facebook most people know what I’ve been up to and so there’s been no need to catch up – most conversations have involved their news and what we’re getting up to while I’m with them.

So at breakfast it was firework chat. Off to Alexander Palace to see them in the evening – exciting times!

Helen walked me back to her flat before she headed out for lunch with the ‘in laws’, I unpacked my rucksack, had a quick shower and headed out to meet Nikki’s mum – who needs sleep??

Me as it turns out. I was about half way there when I bent down to retie my shoelace and discover that I was wearing odd shoes….


Anyway….. met up with Nikki’s mum in the park after her training session with Jel. Also saw other faces from the past including Mary and Ian who had very kindly recorded the 50th anniversary edition of Doctor Who and sent it to my parents for me!

Sat and had coffee and a catch up with Jel and N’sM before it was time to head back and have a sleep before fireworks.

About 1hr later Helen woke me up. I was so confused, my brain could not compute where I was, what was happening or what I needed to do.

Thankfully all that was needed was to put on 2 matching shoes, a coat and head out for dinner. We met everyone in Nandos and a chicken burger and unlimited sprite later I was feeling much better.

The fireworks were at Alexander Palace and the views were amazing, it was such a clear day – reminded me how much I love London Town. The fireworks were delayed for 30mins, but still good although it kind of ended abruptly.

We walked back to FP rather than try and take the train, stopped for a cheeky beer each, before arriving at The Noble (or the Nobbel as my housemate used to call it) for another couple before I headed to bed leaving the rest behind.


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