Move to Wellington – Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th

Saturday 5th July

Up and was finished packing in time to meet Grant at 10am to go see the section he’s selling (NZ ish for piece of land)

We went for a final coffee at the Bach down by the sea before saying our goodbyes, going to miss my New Plymouth husband and our dates with our ‘son’ T


Had to pop into town to print the photos for T and G’s goodbye presents and along to the Taranaki Hardcore shop for a car sticker for Tom.

Once I had finished packing Nita, G and T were back from their morning activities and it was time for more goodbyes. T was fast asleep in the car so I could only wave goodbye to him and his curly blond hair.

One final final goodbye to make, drop a photo from our trip to the snow to Grant and give him a packet of Jaffa’s I’d impulse purchased earlier!

Overly confident at my sense of direction I got lost leaving Grant’s and ended up by sea! No bad thing, always good to see it.

Stopped to top up the air in my tyres but couldn’t work out how. Had to ask a lovely man to help, showed me pebble trick to let the massive amounts of air I’d pumped in out…..

Stopped off in Stratford for a coffee and caramel slice, not the right time to see the famous clock in action again though.

It was miserable weather, Mt Taranaki was well hidden, stopped once for petrol a bargain 215 cents/litre, better than 220 in NP and had a quick kumara quiche/slice thing before the final push to Wellington and after getting lost in Porirua I finally got there!

Spookily the girls knew I was arriving and had dragged Rhys to the gate to greet me as I pulled up. It was all a bit overwhelming, could have done with a minute to recover from the drive, but were so excited and they’d made me posters welcoming me back and presents – my first loom band bracelet

Dinner was pizza and relatively early to bed – had been a big day. Very sad to have left all my New Plymouth friends but excited to see what Wellington would bring.

Sunday 6th July

The girls have a little business of making and selling scones on a Sunday, and after crumpets for breakfast that’s what happened.

A lot of flour and grated cheese later, amazing scones appeared – not English dainty afternoon tea style scones – awesome massive big as your hand ones – yum!!!

We walked round the block with them – they have a route and regular sellers but as it was the first weekend of the school holidays it was a bit quiet. In the end they didn’t sell as many as normal, but it did mean I got to eat some

For lunch we went into town for yum cha, the dragon, where we’d previously been was fully booked so went to new place. Not as good, but they did have sesame balls, so weren’t complaining too much!

We stopped of at the girls school to play miniball – like basketball but for smaller people as far as I can tell. Z and I won 3 games of first to 10! There was much high5ing.

The plan for my first couple of weeks in Wellington is to help get Rhys’s house ready to sell. Phase one was to help the girls tidy their room and decide what they were happy to put into storage while all the decorating went on. We had a fun time sorting and cleaning and making their room look awesome!

We had left over pizza for tea, Frozen for movie night on the projector and it was time for bed!


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