Showing off New Plymouth – Fri/Sat/Sun 27/28/29 June

Friday 27th June

It being the last Friday of the month it was time for the Singer/Songwriters evening at the Little Theatre in town. It was their 9th birthday, amazing music and there were speeches and cake!

Was a lovely night with Grant, Julia, Evelyn, Ana and Conal. Love that everyone does one song and then they change over, you get to listen and then chat, so makes for a very sociable evening.

I left early so I could meet Rhys and the girls. Got back in time to re-light the fire, it was almost ticking over from when I left.

They arrived in a bundle of excitement, but soon all was calm, the girls in bed, Rhys and I with a glass of wine, chilling and getting ready for the weekend ahead.

Saturday 28th June

Sunny but windy and no sign of Mt Taranaki

After breakfast we headed into town to explore the delights of New Plymouth. First up, obviously, was the famous Wind Wand by Len Lye.


The girls were suitably impressed, but they were also impressed by the massive waves the sea was throwing up into the walkway. We may have accidentally got soaked once or twice. Had a lovely walk along the Coastal Walkway to East End beach for a play on the playground and the beach with its black sand.

For lunch we walked back into town and headed to The Bach for lunch – had my favourite of the brunch stack with hallumi(?) and an earl grey tea.

In the afternoon we headed to Pukekura Park to see the Golden Bearing (or tree as most people call it) and then to Brooklands Zoo for monkeys, meerkats and a couple of dead mice in the sea otter enclosure!

To walk to the zoo you go past Brooklands Bowl a big amphitheatre where lots of world famous people/bands have played – and that’s world famous in the world, not just world famous in New Zealand……. The amphitheatre has a large grassed section and is amazing fun to roll down. Having seen people doing it on the way to the zoo we had to do it on our way back. 3 very dizzy girls arrived at the bottom giggling away and unable to stand for quite a while!

We got home and cooked up a load of veggies and a cheese sauce to go with the frankfurters that Nita was cooking up. The girls went over to the house for dinner and a movie while Rhys and I went off and had a date – curry at India Today – was my first time there, we had a massive wait for food, but sat and nattered away quite happily until the food came

Sunday 29th June

We were all up pretty early to go walk around Lake Mangamahoe and then for a swim at the meeting of the waters – the girls were desperate to go for a swim outdoors and I was foolish enough previously to mention there’s a rope swing there.

We took G along with us too as they’d all made friends last night. Was a massive walk. Have done it lots of time with friends but never with children and it certainly is a different experience with them!! We managed to get a view of Mt Taranaki though, not a great one, but enough to prove it’s there.



There’s loads of bird life on the water, flamingo swans according to G, but not convinced!


The girls were all still determined to go for a swim of next we went to the Meeting of the Waters. G got in deepest, but no swimming from any one! So went back for lunch closely followed by scones – cheese and sweet with cream and jam with the neighbours – Nita and Aaron

Soon enough it was time for Rhys and the girls to leave, but their car wouldn’t start. We went and got petrol in the hope that’s what it was missing, bit still no luck. The AA man came and said it was probably the fuel pump/filter, tale it to the garage tomorrow. We jump started mine, petrol in at garage, needed another jump start, then it died, so left mine at the garage and decided they’d all stay another night!!

Was nice as took them to the Wind Wand to see it lit up in the dark – looked awesome as it was a stormy night


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