Monday – Friday 23-27th June

Monday 23rd June

Could see the snowy top of Mt Taranaki this morning, but as the weather tends to be, it had disappeared behind the clouds by the time we walked to school.
Had a fun day with T in the garden playing rugby (or rug/kick as T calls it) cricket and swingball, or more T demanding I hit while he sits and watches!
I was brave and called immigration to finally see if it was worth my time submitting an expression of interest – it’s not, annoying set of little rules means it won’t happen…..
I did make the decision that I was going to leave New Plymouth and move to Wellington for the remainder of my time in NZ (still trying to stay though!). Told the family, they weren’t surprised, but at least it meant they have 4 weeks to find someone new – leaving at the end of the school term.

Tuesday 24th June

Super cute T moment today – had a little snooze all snuggled up to me.


Started cat sitting for the neighbours today, means my commute to work has increased exponentially, but think I’ll cope. There’s a wood fire, managed to get it going once I’d gone back next door and ‘borrowed’ some matches.
In the evening went to the cinema with Grant and co to see What We do in the Shadows – brilliantly funny film


Wednesday 25th June

Crackerjacks day!!!! Also means coffee with Grant day and our 2 month anniversary! Seems like we’ve known each other for ages not just since ANZAC day

Went to the gym in the evening, massive leg work out, not sure I’ll be able to walk tomorrow

Had some really sad news about a friend of mine, again reminding me how far away from home I am.

Thursday 26th June

It was Vogeltown School’s mid-winter swim today. I said I’d do it with G, we checked with her teacher and I was allowed to be the junior schools official representative, ie the only adult stupid enough to get in the water.
It was COLD, they put ‘icebergs’ in the water – blocks of ice made in ice cream tubs, but I think the water was cold enough without it!
Got home to discover I’d managed to lose my phone. Shouldn’t be a trauma, but everything is on there……
Bigger things to worry about though – I was cooking for Grant. I wanted to do Jamie’s 5 hour lamb, but couldn’t find the cut of meat I wanted, so had to go for lamb chops and roast veg instead – all v yummy. Rounded it off with a Mhairi-style dessert, a perfect excuse to try lots of new NZ chocolate – yum



We watched another movie that I can’t remember and then (maybe after a bit too much wine) went for a jump on the trampoline

Friday 27th June

Walked to school and reported my missing phone to the school office not been handed in.
In the afternoon I went and got a $9 phone from Warehouse – it texts, makes calls, has an FM radio and a torch!!!
Just before I went to the gym I was showing off my wonder of modern technology to Nita and she remembered she’d had a call about my phone just after 9am, must have been handed in just after we left the office!
I got given heavy boxing gloves today, beasted my arms, always a good way to start the weekend


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