Happy memories on a sad day

Those of you who know me or have followed my blog for a while will know that a few years ago I was lucky enough to take part in an amazing adventure holiday in the jungles and rivers of Borneo – The Kinabalu Challenge – organised by an awesome guy by the name of Crispin.

Crispin and me

A trip where I met so many incredible people and made some life long friends – it’s how Nikki and I became buddies – I bugged her for an entire BMF session to come to Borneo with Peter and I and be part of our team – it worked!

Our team consisted of me, Nikki and Peter, all friends from Finsbury Park, then Mhairi and Michaela. Mhairi is from Birmingham and soon discovered that we were friends of friends. Michaela was working out in Vietnam and was invited to join our team with a weeks notice.

We were a great team and although not being the all round fittest we were determined and surprised ourselves with how well we did in the challenge – we came 3rd!!!

Our first day together - Michaela was so last minute we had to make her bib!
Shopping challenge - Peter and Nikki
More shopping - Mhairi and Michaela
Off to climb the mountain

Sadly we lost Michaela a couple of years ago and on Saturday we lost Peter too.

A massive shock and terribly sad, but as before when we received the news from Michaela’s family, the Borneo family has come together for each other.

I’ve been away from home for 7 months now and it’s the 3rd death that’s affected me. It always reminds me how far from home I am but at the same time what amazing friends I have however far apart we are.


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