Monday 16th – Friday 20th June – a week of rain and coughing


Walked to school – an unknown highlight as the rest of the week was wet wet wet
Not sure if it was the impending weather but T super grumpy and grizzly
Rain rain rain
Massive Skype day – 4 calls, love having unlimited WiFi now!


After a day and over 2 weeks of coughing I finally gave in to peer pressure and went to the doctors. I shouldn’t have bothered. It cost me $99 (£50ish) just to see him. Basically he threw antibiotics at me….. He did not appreciate me questioning if it was a bacterial infection. Left really angry, prescription in hand, determined to wait it out and see if I got better.
Recovered my humour enough to laugh when I was stopped for a breathalyser test and nearly caught with an expired warrant on the way to meet Grant at the cinema for cheap Tuesdays and Fault in our Stars – brilliant film, many tears shed, not a film to watch on a plane or a first date!!


Had a terrible night of coughing and not much sleep, so bad in fact that I gave in and got my prescription from the pharmacy (Vogeltown Pharmacy like on the radio!!)
Stopped off and got the correct WOF sticker put in the car, safe from the police for another 6 months.
T and I stopped at the photo shop to get more printed while we went to Crackerjacks which this week had the theme of stars for Matariki.

We met with Grant for a coffee afterwards, then picked up photos and T fell asleep on the way home.
In the afternoon we stuck lots of the photos up on my wardrobe doors – T found some very funny – me in Melbourne with a cushion on my head, disturbing – me in Cambodia with wet hair – he doesn’t like wet hair, and curious – me running at Angkor Wat


Nothing to report other than the spotting of a double rainbow – we do get a lot of rainbows here

A rainbow, missed the double


Walked to school!!
Another rainy day, but could see the top of the mountain in the afternoon.
Went to the gym for the first time this week – been trying to take it easy with no exercise and early nights – Brent asked how I was and soon gathered I’m not well. We went for weights, lots of heavy weights, not sure what my arms were made to do, but they were in pain and shaking. Did the leg press with 80kg on, that much I do know. Left after an hour feeling broken. I texted John to tell him, he told me I wasn’t broken, just weak…..
Stopped to get beer on the way home. Couldn’t carry it in the supermarket, had to hug them instead!


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