Friday 13th – Sunday 15th June – weekend in Wellington


Grant came over for afternoon tea – raspberry buns and coffee – perfect preparation for our drive to Wellington.
It was a lovely drive, great music, company and a massive full moon.
We stopped in Bulls for dinner – guilty pleasure of a big mac!!
We arrived in Wellington at around 8:30 – perfectly on time, but my lift was fashionably late – the excuse? There was a vanilla sponge being made for me!!



Up and into town to go ice skating only to discover it’s not there anymore – oops!
Not the end of the world though, instead we hungout on the waterfront, got coffee, enjoyed the sunshine and found starfish.



Next up, Te Papa, we took it in turns to show each other our favourite spots before heading to Lyall Bay for fish and chips which then turned into fish and chips and playing in the sea, trousers rolled up over our knees – how deep into the sea could we get before getting wet? Closely followed by not worrying about being wet and just playing in the waves – perfect on such a sunny day.



After our impromptu soaking we headed home to change before going to the pet shop for a quick play with 2 adorable puppies, a trip to Countdown for dinner ingredients – quince (quorn mince), Mexican wraps, taro with coconut milk and salad.
Three dishes and a mac and cheese (but with no cheese – for lunch tomorrow) later it was time for pjs and movie night – The Princess Diaries!


Another early start as we were up to go sailing or play Monopoly while the others sailed in Tithai Bay – I was thoroughly beaten by a 6 year old……
The mac and no cheese was devoured for lunch, boat hosed down and we headed for home.
When we got back to the house, the one across the road had an open house so we popped over for a nose!!
Then it was time to head into town to meet Grant and head back to Taranaki.
After a sad farewell, but with promises to visit New Plymouth in 2 weeks off we went.
I was super sleepy, terrible company, but we stopped again at Bulls and after a coffee and a caramel slice I was wide awake again!! Chatting and singing along to some awesome tunes.
Got back just after 7 in time for left over steak and veg!!


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