Monday 9th to Friday 13th June – a rainy week

Rain!! Rain!! Rain!!
Sums it up really…..


Highlight of the day would be drawing a house


Added animals to the house drawing!


Movie night with John – Fruitvale Station – really good movie, but did have to leave the room at one point, oh and he brought me an ice cream!

More rain and wind caused a fallen branch at school

Looks like a fun guy


Crackerjacks at the library – we got to make a snail


Coffee with Grant, he read us Mucky Ducky
T helped me pick out new winter PJs – he has excellent style
Kickboxing in the evening – changed days for an early getaway on Friday

More rain – the ducks are loving it!


G and I organised a sweepstake for the soccer world cup – I’ve got Brazil and Bosnia Herzegovina – a mixed bag!

Friday 13th and a full moon
According to the paper there should be no housework, travel or share trading……. I managed no to do one out of the three……

It was a sunny day!! Mount Taranaki looked amazing


Had to panic create a Fathers Day card – it’s on Sunday in the UK but not until later in the year here in NZ. Nikki came to my rescue with the website Touchnote – brilliant, can turn your photos into postcards and greetings cards cheaply – cost about £2.50/$5 NZD for the card and postage and it arrived the following day!!


T and I had a fun morning in town. We bought a map of the world for soccer world cup knowledge, did colouring in smiggle, played on the zoo truck and the fire engine, had a lovely talk with a lady in the art shop – did animal spotting with the paintings. Next up was the ducks, a little girl gave T some food for them – was very sweet. Finally we had to get raspberry buns ready for afternoon tea

Last Friday day excitement was Nikki having her first training session back with Jel in Finsbury Park. Super jealous, they tell me they worked hard, but they look far too happy and relaxed in this ‘after’ photo – miss you guys x



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