Saturday 7th June – flat battery – oops

Woke to an empty house, John was off working, so after a cup of tea I had the fun of dashing out through the ‘car shed’ or what we’d call a garage with an automatic door.

Car, flat battery……. Need I say more?! Well, maybe lights?

Walked home along the Te Henui walkway, beautiful autumn scenery, but did remind me that I’m not over my cold, breathing was not easy



When John was done working and playing squash he came to collect me and some jumpleads and off we want to rescue Tom. Thankfully he started easily and so after leaving the engine running for a while I was invited in for a drink and we started watching Michael Clayton. Soon enough though John was asleep, time for me to gently take the mikey and head home!

Grant came over in the evening and we watched Saving Mr Banks – a lovely film about the making of one of my favourite films Mary Poppins


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