Friday 6th June – I cook dinner

Cold but clear this morning, not ideal on my cough filled lungs….


Mission for the day was to prep dinner ready for feeding John this evening, not sure how I volunteered for it, but I did! Salmon was requested and I knew I’d never fail with Jamie’s chocolate pots. So after a quick Google yesterday I found a couple of recipes and we were ready to go.

Salmon and cous cous

Chocolate pots

Chocolate pots done first, yum, we had fun licking the bowl clean – missed the alcohol so T was safe!

Then loads of chopping of veg and fish – all very organised

Went to the gym for a session with Brent, it was great, told him I had a cold and after a warm up where I tried not to breath too much, he suggested limiting the cardio and working on strength – perfect. Was a great session, arms burning by the end

I arrived at John’s for dinner feeling a bit shattered, but was greeted with a beer so soon felt better. Had taken him a picture I’d taken 4 months ago on the farm (when I went to milk the cows!)


Dinner turned out to be really good (if I do say so myself) and the chocolate pots got a suitable reaction – try them, they’re so good and chocolatey, just look at the ingredients!! We then retired to the lounge and watched The Butler – brilliant film, we debated whether the end was good or could have been better….. Kind of have to agree that there could have been a better version.

Another great evening and just like the first time I stayed over I had to make my own bed – such a gracious host – I cook my own dinner, make my own bed and he won’t even be there to get me breakfast (he makes an awesome/artery clogging breakfast)


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