Thursday 5th June – 7th month away from home

But here feels like home now, can’t imagine waking up and not getting to see Mt Taranaki

This morning I did wake up wondering whether to go to bootcamp or not, still coughing away, but saw the time and it was 6:50, so I’d already missed it!!

Mt T was not in the same celebratory mood that I was, bit cloudy this morning


On the way home from school we saw a big crane on the back of an even bigger truck


If that wasn’t excitement enough we then had a coffee date with Grant at the Bach. Stocked with cars and books we had another fun morning chatting over coffees and a fluffy.

On the way back to the car T screamed ‘NO’ at me, I wasn’t sure why but then realised he wanted to go on to the beach like we had last week. We then spent a good 40 minutes trying to move all the stones into the sea and when the stones got scarce the sand was moved too!




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