Sunday 1st June – pinch and a punch and climb a mount

Up in time for pinching and pinching!

Went for yum cha at a Chinese restaurant called Dragons, again round the corner from the hotel – awesome way to eat lots of food – sesame balls were my favourite closely followed by some turnip/pork thing!

Picked up a coffee and walked down Oriental Parade in an effort to walk off some of the food! Couldn’t resist going for a little paddle in the sea, saw a star fish (turned out to be dead though 😦 ) and then got bitten by evil sandflies…… Grrrrr



To take my mind off the itchiness I accepted the mission to climb Mount Victoria, was told just to head up. This made for an interesting series of wrong turns, but eventually hit a road that was going in the right direction. I overtook 2 guys cycling up the hill – had a nice chat with them on the way past – then arrived at the entrance to Charles Plimmer Park and headed for the summit via the mountain bike trail, super steep, but amazing views and beautiful weather





Randomly overcome with the urge to run back down into town, so I did, until I hit civilisation, then thought I’d best walk……

When I got back to the hotel via Cotton On – new long leg exercise leggings – I went to the gym – awesome, all to myself!!!


In the evening I had a pizza making masterclass including a vegan one – can you really make a pizza with no cheese? The answer it seems is yes – was very sceptical, but I was converted!!


3 thoughts on “Sunday 1st June – pinch and a punch and climb a mount

  1. Gee – looks like you are having a brilliant time down there… it looks like a fantastic place and all those activities.. I am jealous…
    Bank holiday weekend and over here and I sprained my ankle big time… what a bummer… wanted to do a lot of running – now I am a coach potato… πŸ™‚
    Have a good one and enjoy…. πŸ™‚


    1. Oh no, sprained ankle is no fun – make sure you really rest up. Yep, having the best time and I know I keep saying it but I really am!
      Rest, rest, rest and get better


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