Saturday 31st May – trip to Wellington

I set my alarm early to pack for my trip, so early that I could go back to bed for 30 minutes!!

I caught the bus from the boys high school, better than in town as I can park my car nearby! Had a lovely chat with a lady from western Australia – we were both admiring the mountain – such a beautiful day

View from bus stop

Did mean it was v chilly though, even on the bus! Views were great though, the route to Wellington follows the road around the mountain for almost an hour, goes via Hawera (famed for its water tower)



Before heading south, was so clear we had Mt Taranaki on our right and the mountains of Tongariro to our left – how I love this country.

We stopped for lunch in Palmerston North, I had leftover spaghetti, turned out to be great for stopping people from sitting next to me – I ate it when we got back on the bus and despite it being really busy the combo of food and iPod seemed to be a great deterrent!!


We got to Wellington around 3:30 and I had a great walk into town from the train station (where the bus stops) along the waterfront to my awesome hotel – Museum Art Hotel



Had a great play in the room, multiple light arrangements, white robe, watched some rugby, awesome shower, hair drier and then high excitement – room service – champagne – part of the room offer!!!


Dinner was an Indian at Masala, just round the corner from the hotel and then treat of drinks at Hummingbird – a very cool wine bar


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