Friday 30th May – road trip!

Was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a road trip, so after checking Julia was free we decided today was the day to go see the elephant rock…. Otherwise known as the 3 sisters, but elephants are cooler!!

We missed the turning the first time, but it did mean we could go the the welcome to Taranaki sign

Mt Taranaki off to the right


We timed our trip totally wrong, the tide was in!!


Instead we went to Mt Damper Falls, windy drive, but awesome falls, so loud!!



After work it was time for kickboxing, tonight we focused on landing my feet properly to prevent too much shuffling around – it’s hard!!

Dash home, quick shower, leftover spaghetti and out for Singer Songwriter evening at The Little Theatre – awesome. Last Friday of every month, each singer/group is allowed one song, so even of it’s odd/terrible its soon over!!

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