Thursday 29th May – best day with T so far

Bootcamp first thing, lot of burpee variations followed by circuits, including jumping into a box – something I just can’t do (afraid of falling over while trying to jump on, making a horrendous noise, embarrassing and injuring myself) and tuck jumps – hard and horrible!!

After the school run T and I went for coffee at the Bach with Grant. It would have been my grandma’s birthday, so it was treat day. T had a fluffy (we both had to take photos it looked so good!) and I had a Louise slice – yummy!


Grant and T played cars, making ramps from cutlery, sugar etc, next week we’ve promised to take more cars and I will just sit and read a book!!

Once Grant had gone T and I made footprints on the beach just outside the Bach. He almost got his feet wet which I think would have been a disaster, but that was avoided, so a lovely morning.

He fell asleep in the car and I just carried them straight to bed and he settled straight back down. When he woke up we had lunch, he gave me a lovely cuddle and a kiss – first time ever!

Hoping we get more days like today!

The evening made up for it, quick, but painful trip to the beauty salon, fancy hotel preparations!!!!


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