Wednesday 28th May – waited on hand and foot

Wednesday is always library day, along with various books we sang rousing renditions of the wheels on the bus and old mcdonald and for craft we made a cat from paper and a cd!

As we were leaving the library there was a basket of stars, they were there to help people celebrate the Maori new year, Matoriki. Part of it is remembering those who have passed in the last year, so I wrote one for grandma – such a lovely idea.


After school we had to pick mum up from work, so while we waited we went to the playground by the racecourse to play. Lots of fun had by all, although keeping an eye on a 2yo is stressful!

We all went for dinner at PIHMS – Pacific International Hotel Management School. Dad teaches at the Boys High and they go here to serve dinner to their family as part of their course. Some boys board so their families are too far away to come for dinner and we become their adopted family for the night. There are menus handed out, orders given, yummy 3 course meal served, table cleared and they’re done. Our guy was so nervous, but lovely, must be so hard as this is the first time they’re serving and he had to look after the teacher’s wife and family!!


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