Sunday 25th May – trip to my home town

We were meant to be going to the farmers market this morning in Hamilton, unfortunately my battery was flat….. We tried the other backup battery thing that Tom came with and that didn’t work either….. I’d always been led to believe you can’t push start an automatic car – I was right, but jumpstarting is fine!!!!
So word went out on the student village Facebook page for jumpleads and they were quickly forthcoming. After entrusting this all to George it drew quite a crowd, but all went according to plan and soon Tom’s engine was running again.

Cue an impromptu road trip to Cambridge (when I was born if we were in Cambridge, England) famous for its race horses we played “horse” from Eagle vs Shark and naturally we had to stop as soon as we saw one in town!



We drove back, packed our stuff and were ready to go. After sad goodbyes with George I set off with Sophie as she wanted a lift to Waitomo ready for the caves in the morning, was great to have company, but eventually time for us to say goodbye too….. Plans are a foot for George and I to go to Germany for a reunion so it’s not goodbye forever for the Sunflower Crew.

I continued on my way, stopping in Piopio for a coffee. Happened to glance out of my window at just the right time to see the elephant rock at the 3 sisters – road trip needed!

Got back just in time for lamb chops and mashed potato to be appearing on the table!


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