Wednesday 21st May – sign language and a hearing dog

Whoop! Wednesday is library and Crackerjacks day! It was really good this week, T seemed to enjoy it more today too. It’s national sign language/deaf awareness week this week in New Zealand and there was a deaf lady at the library to teach us some sign language and to sign some stories. We learnt hello, my name is and lots of colours.

Then like all T’s Christmases had come at once, we had a signed version of the pop-up edition of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – I think it’s his all time favourite story. We read along with the ladies, well, I say read, it turns out I know all the words and he knows how to say “oh no” at the right times!!

We met Grant for coffee, T discovered the chairs spin round!!

And to top the morning off we met a hearing dog in a bookshop – he was very cute

Having dropped my car off yesterday I got to pick it up after work fully Wofed once his exhaust had been welded – finally fully legal again!

Had a great read of my book in the evening – 1Q84 – really enjoying it, need to read more often!!


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