Monday 19th May – sad day, but great friends

Today in the UK is my grandma’s funeral. I made the decision not to go back while she was still sick. I’ve been mostly fine with it, but today was hard not being there……

Although it started with my parents being annoyingly troublesome….. I was woken by a message at 6:50am asking if I’d Skype them. For them it was the night before the funeral, so of course I replied yes, logged on and waited and waited for them to appear online, message and ask where they were, faffing was the answer (well, not their answer but my interpretation of it) eventually we make contact and now everyone is too busy getting dinner ready to really talk…….. Best smiley face on, but really?? I was woken at 6:50am for them to faff and not have time to talk?? They of all people should know better than to wake a sleeping Emma earlier than necessary.

My day was then spent taking care of T, poorly boy capable of ear shattering screams and demonstrating them with great regularity.

Come 4pm I was ready for a snooze, I managed to doze until dinner was ready, I walked into the kitchen, burst into tears and rapidly reversed out. N, the mum, came and gave me a massive hug, the kids came to see why on earth I was crying, bless them! Pulled myself back together and managed to re-enter the kitchen and eat the yummy beef stroganoff – very lucky to be living with these guys.

After dinner I had to go and see Sophie and get a box of stuff that she didn’t want to carry on her travels. I’m taking it to her when we meet in Hamilton. I was also given her blue hoodie – if you’ve met Sophie you’ll have seen her wearing it, it is Sophie, so I’m honoured to be the recipient!


My last stop of the night was to meet John in McDonalds! I had my first ever McFlurry – I went for a Crunchie one and wasn’t disappointed! He’d come up especially to see me knowing it was grandma’s funeral and I’d need not to be thinking about it for a while. After a good hug and a few tears from me, we spent the evening chatting away as normal. I was telling him that I wanted to find more trail runs after the one yesterday and he’d heard about one coming up…. sadly it was the one I’d done yesterday!!

I came home to find some lovely messages from people at home and here in NZ. Made me remember what wonderful friends I have. Big thank you to Nikki’s mum for all her support but really thanks to everyone for theirs x


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