Sunday 18th May – Amazing run!

Before I was even out of bed I knew I ached, so I snoozed!!

I woke up around 9 and climbed out of bed to discover the family had left me pancakes – 1 cooked and then batter for more – I love love love pancakes, so was very excited. On my first mouthful though I discovered someone had added yucky banana slices….. So I heated up the frying pan and made a couple more from the batter. These were treated to a layer of nutella, but yuk, still banana tasting…… It was in the batter too…. So disappointed, thankfully T was on hand to eat the rest, but still, deprived of pancakes and still don’t like bananas 😦

To overcome my disappointment I embarked on a crossword and watched dad make pumpkin soup for lunch.

Come the evening it was time to head out for the night trail run at Lake Mangamahoe. Got there and registered and then we had to wait for it to get dark!! In the mean time I bumped into Karen, one of the people from the Pouakai hut that I’d met over Easter weekend, so we caught up. Didn’t run with her though as she was with a super fit friend!


There were 243 people running in total split between a 2, 6 and 12km course. The 6 and 12km all set off together, the 12 doing 3x the 4km loop, the 6 doing 1x 4km and 1x 2km and the 2km people doing 1x 2km loop!

The field soon spread out and was only really running with 2/3 people at a time. By the 2nd lap I was by myself, in the forest, under the stars with just my head torch lighting the way and loving it. Need to work on my uphill running, love the downhills, like being little again!! Really want to find some more trail runs to do

For now though I had to race back, just in time for roast chicken, shower and get to the Sunflower Lodge for Sophie’s goodbye movie night. Naturally enough we watched Eagle vs Shark, seen it so many times after the last few months


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