Saturday 17th May – Ninja Tramps do Lake Dive

Up at 7 to get ready for the tramp! Lunch ready – leftover cous cous and a peanut butter and Vegemite sandwich, quick shower and pack layers!

The boys arrived to pick me up at 8:15 and off we went to Dawson Falls visitors centre. It was a beautiful day, the mountain was cloud free until we reached the side we’d be walking on, then the clouds came in and it was rainy…… We decided to take the lower route and stay in the bush rather than the higher one that’s far more exposed.

See the clouds on the left? That's where we went, no beautiful blue sky for us....

The walk could be described as ‘undulating’ into valleys and up the other side – was a great walk with some river/stream crossings, I decided on the first one just to get my feet wet – it was going to happen anyway!!

Although it never properly rained we were often in the clouds but warm enough to just need long sleeves.

We reached Lake Dive hut in time for lunch, there was no view of the lake – too misty/cloudy!

But after lunch we caught a brief break, but not enough to be too excited about!!

Grant and me

The walk back took slightly longer and seemed to involve a lot more uphill!

Check out the piece of wood I found!


The boys Grant and Cameron


River crossing!!


We got back around 4 and once Grant had dropped me off I went straight for a shower – awesome to wash the saltiness away! Grant came over later for an Indian and to watch ET with the family. Once the kids had gone to bed we watched Black Swan – that is a weird film…….


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