Friday 16th May – I touched a banana!

We walked to school this morning, it was such a beautiful day, the mountain looked amazing with the blue sky.

T and I took our final trip to East End Beach to see Sophie at Paris Plage before it closes for the winter, I had a coffee, T had a fluffy, we played tennis, the glockenspiel, ball and with masks




All too soon we had to head back as it was time for a visit to the dentist, I enjoyed half an hour of peace while he went!!

For afternoon tea T decided he wanted a banana – I hate bananas, touch and smell and taste. Apart from picking one up, which I try to avoid, I’m not sure I’ve ever touched one in my life, certainly not to peel. But being responsible I managed to overcome my fears, peel it and hand it over without having to touch the inside banana itself!!

Went to kickboxing again in the afternoon, so therapeutic after a long week. Worked hard, sweated so much it was disgusting, and managed to do 35 skips in a row – back in the UK the record was 30 – not sure if I’m prouder of that or the banana!

Then it was a mad rush back to get showered, changed and off to the West Bar in West Town to meet friends for dinner before heading out to see the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Was a great evening, fascinating and spectacular films and true to New Plymouth form I bumped into someone I know – lady from DOC!

Had discussed going for a walk to Lake Dive on Saturday – now a team of 3 of us going, 8am start tomorrow……

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