Wednesday 14th May – rain rain go away

Wednesday is Crackerjacks at the library, we made it there just in time. Had the pushchair this time so much easier!

We had some stories, got to sing Incy Wincy Spider and Heads, Shoulder, Knees and Toes. Craft was a sneaky use of the middle of the plates we used last week and made a spinner with ‘rain, rain go away’ on one side and ‘come back another day’ on the other – we got to do colouring, cutting and sticking!!

Met Grant afterwards for what’s becoming our weekly coffee catch up. Went to Espresso today – just opposite the library, but a really roundabout route needs to be taken with a pushchair to use the ramps! T found the guys working there fascinating and quite happily sat on my knee watching them while we chatted.

Soon enough it was time to get on with the day. I went to FrontRunner and signed up for 2 runs around Lake Mangamahoe – managed to get the early bird price even though I was a day late – the guy hadn’t come to collect the entries!!

We popped back into the library to get some books out before heading home for a snooze.

The evening was spent doing nothing – perfect!!


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