Tuesday 13th May

Bright and early bootcamp! Everyone’s hamstrings still suffering from Thursday – I felt most relieved it wasn’t just me!

Thankfully it was a sunny day as today G’s school had a walk/bike/scooter to school incentive – do one of those and get a free pancake! Both G and T got pancakes, I was a bit too old

By the end of the day it was pouring with rain so picked G up in the car, so walk to school worked…..

Met up for dinner with John at a Thai restaurant – Thai Chef on Devon Street. All the food was very sweet, so kind of disappointing. But the company was great and I got a birthday present!! He’d been joking about getting me a chocolate bar (which I was fine with, never going to say no to chocolate, especially as it wasn’t actually my birthday) but I’d been upgraded to a proper gift – a sheep that baas!!!!! Richard, as he has been named, came from Auckland, purchased while John was killing time. He has evil ears which I’m hoping will deter the children from playing with him!!



4 thoughts on “Tuesday 13th May

  1. gee – you have so much to report… I am envious (?) and your decision to stay in NZ… awesome
    wishing you the very best… 🙂 we are traveling France at the moment and staying with friends of mine in the French Alps… weather has been brilliant… sadly going home tomorrow… still it was a great week… 🙂 so you have fun and all the best from here…


    1. Hi, I am loving it here, so much to do and see – spend so much time outside. Have been reading your posts and the scenery there looks amazing, you look like you’ve both had a great time. Did a fab night time trail run last night, was beautiful running with a head torch through a forest underneath the stars – need to do more!! Have a safe trip ho!e x


      1. yeah we are sad to leave this wonderful place… especially since we have the house to ourselfs again…
        nightrun with a headtorch sounds fantastic… must be a lovely place you staying in with a ton of activities… brilliant
        have a wonderful time …


      2. Can’t recommend a night run more – was incredible. I think the whole of NZ is like this, loads to do in beautiful scenery. But you guys seem to have kept yourselves pretty busy too!!


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